This P-51 Performing The Most Difficult Maneuver Is Insanely Precise

This P-51 Performing The Most Difficult Maneuver Is Insanely Precise | World War Wings Videos

QuickSilver P-15 / Facebook


To get the 16-point roll right, each turn is stopped and started at 22.5 degrees. | C. Watts / Public Domain

According to P-51 Mustang pilot Scooter Yoak who flies the beautiful Quick Silver, one of the most difficult moves to perform is the 16 point roll. Yup, that’s right – 16 whole points of stop and go while in a roll. Done correctly, that’s a precise 22.5 degrees for every pause. Scooter is an absolute master of this move and it makes for quite a show of the P-51’s capabilities.

Quick Silver

Quick Silver and Scooter Yoak hang out at an airshow. | Spread Aviation / YouTube

Today, Quick Silver makes its rounds on the airshow circuit, showing off its shiny exterior and pristine craftsmanship. 15 years in the making, Quick Silver’s parts came from over 200 Mustangs from 37 different countries. She she houses a wonderfully noisy Packard-built Merlin engine and reaches speeds of up to 440 mph.

Father-Son Team

Scooter Yoak squats on Quick Silver’s wing. | Spread Aviation / YouTube

Scooter Yoak performs in 20-25 shows a year. His current flight time includes over 1000 hours in P-51s, so it’s safe to say he’s pretty skilled at what he does.

His dad, Bill Yoak, has had quite the career from apprenticing with Lockheed to  flying on the show of “Baa Baa Back Sheep” to designing and fabricating aircraft for movies. In between, he worked on WWII planes. Quick Silver is the pride and joy of the family.

The Iconic Mustang

Mustangs of the 505th Fighter Squadron in 1945. | United States Army Air Forces / Public Domain

The P-51 Mustang is all around just a fantastic plane. It was key during WWII and today, it’s simply a beautiful sight to see (and to hear). And it’s an incredible treat to still see it flown…especially like this.

Check out the awesome maneuver in the video below.

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