Top 10 Best Flybys From The Mach Loop–INSANE Clip

Top 10 Best Flybys From The Mach Loop–INSANE Clip | World War Wings Videos

Samya M

This Is Seriously Well Filmed.

For those of you who don’t know about the Mach Loop, let us give you a quick rundown. First, it will become your bucket list item once you know about it and especially once you see this video. We can almost guarantee that.

So here we go. The Mach Loop is a training ground for both the Royal Air Force and the United States Air Force. It’s located in Wales and is very mountainous, making it the perfect training ground for low level flight.

At 1:42, it’s pretty funny to see the photographers move in unison while trying to get the same shot.

At times, pilots fly as low as 100 feet from the surrounding terrain, be it the ground or ravine walls. Thousands of people go there every year to witness these flybys, and as you’ll see, many also take fantastic pictures as well as videos. There really isn’t a more perfect place to do it.

In this video, someone did us one better. They’ve actually compiled 10 awesome flybys and put them into one video. By 10 flybys, we mean really awesome flybys. The jets are really close to the walls and at times you can even catch vapor trails. In addition, they used a pretty awesome microphone. This means you can really enjoy the flybys with some awesome sounds ricocheting off the walls.


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