Top Gun with a Cat

Top Gun with a Cat | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / OwlKitty

A Badass Cat Video

Imagine what it would be like if Pete “Maverick” Mitchell from Top Gun (played by Tom Cruise,) had a sidekick to do some pretty insane aerial stunts?

Well, if you’re hoping for it, check out this fun parody from the OwlKitty – whose actual name is Lizzy, a two-year-old cat from Portland, Oregon.

Her stage name- the famous OwlKitty on YouTube, appears in virtually all your favorite films and TV shows, from Game of Thrones, all the way to the Titanic. Her owner, Tibo Charroppin, is a filmmaker and animator who makes all these cool parody videos that the internet absolutely loves!

In her Top Gun parody video, OwlKitty pretty much did her own stunts. We adore how she did that volleyball spike, and her expressions when flying upside down. If you’re a cat lover and love the Top Gun movies, then this is for you!

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