U2 spy plane bounces off runway, pilot aborts landing

U2 spy plane bounces off runway, pilot aborts landing | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / CobraEmergency

Try And Try Again

A sketchy landing is always a scary thing to go through, especially if you’re piloting a plane too wide for a runway. Thankfully, the wing tips have titanium to help lessen the damages it might occur during those landings.

YouTube / CobraEmergency

It’s not an unpopular opinion for pilots to have that the U-2 is a tough plane to land. Even with our technology today, the Dragon Lady still needs a specially-equipped chase car to land. These cars are driven by other pilots while reading out altitudes and current runway positions.

YouTube / CobraEmergency

This might be because of the U-2’s glider-like wings that make it want to keep flying. The long, pointed nose makes it hard for pilots to see the runway too.

To pilot these warbirds, you need to be in the best mental and physical shape. It’s a plane that you have to apply for to get a chance to fly, according to U-2 pilot Ross Franquemont. The interview process takes 2 weeks before you are even considered for training.

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