United Airlines Denies Entry To Emotional Support Peacock

United Airlines Denies Entry To Emotional Support Peacock | World War Wings Videos

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United Airlines has stirred up a bit of drama over the course of the past year. Last year when they knocked a man unconscious and dragged him off an overbooked flight got them some pretty high marks for bad customer service. But now they have been caught in the spotlight again after denying entry to an emotional service animal, but it might be pushing it this time.

The animal in question is not your run of the mill emotional support dog, but it is actually a peacock. Most airliners are required by law to allow support animals but they ultimately decided that a peacock was excessive for that role.

Delta Airlines recently caused a controversy when they recently updated their rules to emotional support animals when passengers were abusing the right. They took matters into their hands to prevent “animal-related incidents” which has since seen a drop in biting and other animal attacks.

So where do you stand on this issue? Do you support a passenger’s right to bring on an emotional support peacock or was this just really trying to push the envelope? Just don’t let it rub your tailfeathers the wrong way, got it?

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