MACH LOOP USAF FLYING LOW – 4K | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Dafydd Phillips

Awesome Flying

In footage, we get to see various aircraft on the low fly. According to Youtuber Dafydd Phillips, in the morning, a pair of F15 Strike Eagles flew out of RAF Lakenheath. It was then followed by F35 Lightnings a little later from the same base, and man does those F-35s turn so fast!

Watching the climbing ability of the F-35s are pretty intense and watching them do their passes never gets old, and we could watch them all day long. But nothing can beat the sound of the F-15, it definitely rocked the entire place.

Those runs towards the mountain, and those pull ups are quite something. Add in those mighty good flying and the scenery. Not to mention the smashing camera work- this is definitely quite a show!

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