Ventura Bomber Gets Engine Overhaul – Starts Up

Ventura Bomber Gets Engine Overhaul – Starts Up | World War Wings Videos

Taigh Ramey

Inner Workings.

The Lockheed Ventura is a bomber that deserves more love that it gets. Originally designed as a daytime bomber over land, this role proved to be problematic and the Ventura transitioned into a role as a coastal patrol plane. In its new maritime role, the Ventura would scout for hostile submarines and bomb them.

“The Ventura was used by most Commonwealth airforces. The RCAF received 286 aircraft, using them to equip five maritime patrol squadrons operating from Canada. The RAAF received 75 aircraft, using then on New Guinea. The RNZAF received 139 Venturas, which saw combat over the Solomon Islands.”

Even in its new role as a patrol bomber, the Lockheed Ventura was soon rendered obsolete by the introduction of the much faster de Havilland Mosquito. Soon all of the remaining Ventura squadrons had transitioned towards using Mosquitos for the remainder of the war.

In this video, an aging Lockheed Ventura has been outfitted with a new engine to bring it back to life once again. Many thanks to the Stockton Field Aviation Museum for dedicating themselves to the restoration of this beautiful bomber.

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