Vintage Warbirds – B-26K / P-38 / B-25

Vintage Warbirds – B-26K / P-38 / B-25 | World War Wings Videos

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Three Warbirds In Action

Out of all the three vintage warbirds in the video, which one is your favorite? 

“Scat III”, the callsign of this P-38, looks to be a crowd-pleaser with its interesting design and storied past. For the history buffs out there, one of the best fighter aces, Richard Bong, flew the P-38 during WWII and had 40 victories at the end.

The B-25, callsign “Paper Doll”, was made back in 1945. Its age doesn’t hinder the fact that it can still fly and hang with the best. For how old it is, it still looks brand new as it soars through the sky in this air show.

Last but not least is the B-26K nicknamed “Special Kay”. The eight-wing pylons you see can hold 8,000 lbs of mixed ordnance. 

These planes leave a soft spot in the hearts of the spectators. See how marvelous they look up in the air in this footage obtained from the Ellsworth AFB Airshow this year.

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