Two Missing After Deadly Mid-Air Plane Collision In Australia

Two Missing After Deadly Mid-Air Plane Collision In Australia | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / 9 News Australia

Pilot Stephen Gale and  TV camera operator James Rose, whose Viper S-211 Marchetti crashed off Melbourne waters, are believed to be dead and missing after a mid-air collision this November 19th, Sunday at 1:45 PM.

YouTube / 9 News Australia

The plane was said to have plunged about 20 meters into Port Phillip Bay, but the other plane was able to land safely at Essendon Airport.

YouTube / 9 News Australia

Calm weather has been reported on the bay, leading to several wrecks getting retrieved before the search was paused at night.

Stephen Gale, the owner of Jetworks Aviation, was a former RAAF engineer who holds a commercial command instrument rating and a low-level formation aerobatic rating.

Meanwhile, James Rose was known as a talented drone operator that worked on several high-profile TV shows.

YouTube / 9 News Australia

The jets used during the collision were reported to be doing a promotional shoot at the time of the crash.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is still unclear about the reason why the collision happened, but is expected to talk to the surviving pilot sometime this week.

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