What Happens When Your Reserve Accidentally Deploys Inside A C-130

What Happens When Your Reserve Accidentally Deploys Inside A C-130 | World War Wings Videos

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Just Wow.

Training is critical in the armed forces. The repetitions that seem mundane while you’re in boot or specialized training might seem ridiculous, but that’s exactly why it’s structured that way. You want everything you learn to become second nature, especially when it comes to safety. If you don’t, this is what happens.

There are a lot of theories out that as to what took place onboard this C-130. The official report states that it was merely an accident and the reserve malfunctioned. Other theorists (and these a come from loadmasters who served) say that this was staged to look as an accident just so the crew member could get a thrill. We don’t buy that though, as this was not a comfortable way to exit. When you see the video you’ll get what we mean.

This accidental deployment happened during a training mission of the 5th Special Forces Group. The solider on the ramp was probably on his knees checking where the DZ was, but was then taken on a wild ride. According to the official report, he landed 30 miles away from the DZ with no serious injuries.

Regardless of what the reason was, this must have been the longest walk of shame ever recorded and possibly the worst case of whiplash.

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