World War II Veteran Walks Across the USA On His 100th

World War II Veteran Walks Across the USA On His 100th | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / Coast2CoastRun2019

WII Vet Finishes Walk Across U.S.

Meet Ernie Andrus. He is known to be the oldest person ever to ‘run’ across the U.S. The crazy thing about it all is, it ISN’T his first time. He first went from California to Georgia, and this time around he went from Georgia to California.

Ok, so you’re probably thinking how long did it take him? 4 years. The way he did it was just a few miles per day no matter what the conditions were. And he only walked for about 3 days per week on top of that.

But this wasn’t for no reason. He did this to actually raise money for the LST-325 Ship Memorial in Evansville, Indiana. This ship is pretty much the same ship he served on in WWII in the Hospital Corps.

Here’s A Summary Of His Journey And How He Did It:

Along his journey, he was able to meet many people and give his story and inspire others. In the video below, you can see him finally reach his destination with a crowd of support of people behind him. What an amazing journey and life this fellow has lived!

See him cross the finish line here:

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