World’s Biggest Chopper Airlifts Airliner–INSANE POWER

World’s Biggest Chopper Airlifts Airliner–INSANE POWER | World War Wings Videos

This Is The Big Mother Of All Helicopters.

When we stumbled upon this, we have to admit we were a bit stunned. Our primary love around here are World War II planes, but we do appreciate planes of all kinds. Be it Cold War Era or modern jets, we love anything that flies. We apparently do not however, know much about helicopters.

From Chinooks to Sea Stallions, we thought that these were some of the biggest helicopters around when it came to transport. Oh yea, there’s the Skycrane as well which is, well, the crane of helicopters. What we found in this video however, beat everything by far.

Even if you know about this helicopter, seeing it lift a passenger jet is still something cool to see in this video. The helicopter we’re talking about? It’s the Mi-26 called Halo by NATO.

This Russian/Soviet built heavy transport helicopter was first introduced in 1983 and has been in service ever since. It’s manned by a crew of five and is able to pick up or drop off 90 troops. It has a maximum payload of 44,000 and we’ve seen it unload a small tank before. As for pure size, it’s 131 ft. long and 26 ft. tall. To put into perspective, it’s 40 ft. shorter than a B-52 Stratofortress.

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