20+ WWII Veteran Moments That’ll Make You Smile So Hard

20+ WWII Veteran Moments That’ll Make You Smile So Hard | World War Wings Videos


These Photos Will Melt Your Heart

The perfect caption.

Dancing with veterans is the best. Photo by John Karapelou

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His face says it all.

You can’t help but smile back.

The true OG indeed.

Fit for a hero.

This makes us want to sit down with him and listen to his stories.

This is too cute.

We love how this veteran is so game!



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We owe them so much.

This will melt anyone’s heart.

Kids and veterans – too adorable to handle.

We can feel his happiness all the way from here.

It’s always an honor dancing with a hero.

The caption says it all.

Something to brighten anyone’s day.

This is quite a story.

These heroes deserve everything.

This is why we shouldn’t forget how much they sacrificed.

Yup, he loved his cup alright.

We’d love to hear those stories too!

We’re digging that birthday hat.

Never one to back out from play dates.

Now that’s sweet.

Had a good visit with Gramps today ?? #ww2vet #ddsurvivor #hero

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This will hit you right in the feels.

Ralph Nicholson  1925-2017 Ralph’s father signed him up to go to World War 2 and fight at 17. He was in the Navy and stationed in Okinawa for a time. He once told me that all of his friends died and he was one of the few who survived the war. He was extremely proud of his service to this country and against evil. And he was proud of his wife and family, often joking that he liked older women (his wife was a few weeks older). I was fortunate and honored to take Ralph’s photo a few weeks ago. He passed away last night. May he rest in peace.  #veteran #ww2 #ww2vet #navyvet #ww2navy ….. I started to realize the importance of the people and the stories around me and how nice it might be to share my love of taking pictures and writing down stories with those around me. And how they made me who I am. One Monday I went over and saw Ralph. Like me he wasn't the type to want to take pictures usually and I had offered in the past. I asked if he wanted me to come take his picture with his son, for memory. I said I would come back later that day or the following day. But unexpectedly, later that evening, my grandmother passed away. Surprisingly, my students grandmother passed away that morning as well. So I let his son know I wouldn't make it for a day or two. I missed three days of work but on Thursday I went back. Around 2 PM I got a phone call and it was Ralph. He asked me if I could come take him to get a haircut and I was surprised he called me and curious why he wanted a haircut. I said I was at work but would be glad to take him at about 4 o'clock. When I got home that day I saw his son and told him that his father called me asking me to take him for a haircut and he didn't know anything about it but told me his father wanted a haircut for me to take his picture. It was so sweet and surprising. So that Thursday I went over with my camera and one light and took their picture. Talked about and told some stories and visit it a few more times before he no longer wanted visitors. He was dying of not only old age at, 91 but melanoma. It was a beautiful moment. ??

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What an absolute honor!

This is the very definition of true love.

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