WWII Veteran Plays “God Bless America” On Ukulele

WWII Veteran Plays “God Bless America” On Ukulele | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / Remember WWII

In a very touching video uploaded by the Youtube channel Remember WWII, we found a 98 year-old (at the time video was uploaded), Tony Cappa playing “God Bless America”, Hawaiian style on the ukulele. We absolutely love this version of the song and the hero has so much talent. It’s a nice twist on a patriotic song that we all love.

This Youtube channel focuses on keeping the memories and stories of the Greatest Generation alive, with very fascinating in-depth interviews with the men who fought and were actually there in WWII. Everyday we’re losing these Veterans and it’s just a matter of time before there are no more left. Make sure you give them a follow and subscribe! We love sharing communities aimed at honoring those who fought for freedom.

You can see in Tony’s eyes how much he enjoys playing this song! Thank you for your service, sir!

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