WWII Warbirds Flying Over The Statue Of Liberty Is The Perfect Homage To Our Freedom

On May 23, the Geico Skytypers flew a fleet of vintage World War 2 planes over New York as a tribute to our fallen heroes.

Five WWII advanced pilot trainers made up the flyby. The mesmerizing aerial show was a run-up to the Bethpage Airshow  – an annual show that had evolved from its beginnings as a mere exhibition to become a Memorial Day Tradition.

The flight squadron was made up of five WWII advanced pilot trainers, including the C-47 “Gooney Bird.” Together with three other C-47 Transport aircraft, Gen. Eisenhower considered them as the “Tools of Victory” in the European Theater.



The Skytypers’ flyby over New York’s most memorable landmark was somehow a poetic nod to the liberties that define today’s America. They flew over and roared above the Statue of Liberty: Lady Liberty, in turn, seemed to be waving at them in recognition of their tribute to the freedom that our fathers had fought for during the war.

The world famous Geico Skytypers Air Show Team is a flight squadron of six vintage aircraft flown by experienced Navy and Airforce pilots, many of whom had family members who took part in the war. Tom Daly, one off the Skytyper pilots, said that his father served as a gunner in Okinawa, while his two brothers did duty in the Vietnam War.

Asked on what drives the team to push the envelope in aerial showmanship, he added that ““A lot of people don’t realize the sacrifices that have been made by families…. as the Geico Skytypers, we visit air shows all over the country and we meet these people and I think that the world needs to know the sacrifices they make. Their families split apart so that they can lead this country, defend our country overseas and defending other people overseas as well.”









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