You’ve Never Seen a RC SR-71 Blackbird Like This

You’ve Never Seen a RC SR-71 Blackbird Like This | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RC Media World

Spotting A Blackbird

Yet another fantastic RC aircraft was spotted at the RC Airlinermeeting at Oppingen-au, Germany, last July 2021. This time, it’s a stunning 1/7.5 scale model of an SR-71 Blackbird, and you can guess how exciting that is to see.

Built by Walter Blaß, the pilot’s father, this SR-71 leaves nothing to be desired. Walter put in two Frank turbine engines and 10 L of kerosene to power the aircraft. Those two engines work overtime to support the SR-71’s 8 ft wingspan and 13 ft length. 

The plane’s approximate take-off weight is 80 lbs. Still, the Blackbird performed the barrel roll maneuver pretty easily, and the pilot aced the takeoff and landing. It’s awesome to see the Blackbird fly, even if it’s a scale model. 

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