1:6 Scale Model Concorde – It’s Really Big

1:6 Scale Model Concorde – It’s Really Big | World War Wings Videos


Droop Nosed Giant

With how gigantic this Concorde is, the pilot should be in contact with ATC. It is unreal to see it on the runway and the shots from the ground up definitely add to the illusion. Its tail is even taller than some of the men assisting it.

It is a 1:6 scale model of the Concorde so you best believe it’s going to be huge. It has a 13ft wingspan and measures roughly 33ft in length. With a takeoff weight of 328lbs, this plane needs four engines to function properly. Four JetCat P300 Pros were used accompanied by four 6L fuel tanks.

This Concorde even has a fully functioning droop nose! Otto Widlroither, the owner and pilot, is lucky to have and fly this aircraft.

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