5 Facts About The Largest Land-Based Transport Aircraft of WW2

5 Facts About The Largest Land-Based Transport Aircraft of WW2 | World War Wings Videos

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During WWII, the German military was able to create something that was unlike any aircraft seen before – the Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant. Here are five things that you need to know about this massive plane:

5. It was the biggest land-based transport plane of WWII

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It was a massive cargo carrier that had six engines and a wingspan of over 180 feet. It can also airlift up to 130 troops or up to 25,000 pounds of payload. 

4. The design patterns for the plane were rooted in its predecessor, the Me321

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One of the most recognized features that carried over was the installation of six engines. Three went under each wing. 

3. The Me 323 can be compared to a flying whale

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It was able to carry a hundred soldiers inside, a tank, a giant caliber cannon, or even medical patients with staff and machinery. 

2. None of these planes managed to survive WWII

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The Me 323 primarily served the Afrika Korps and the German Eastern Front. However, every last one of these planes succumbed to enemy fire, even if they were protected by escorts.

The aircraft’s massive size led to its downfall. Although it had the body to withstand enemy fire, longer travel times meant that the plane was exposed for too long. 

1. Today, only one complete wreck of this plane exists

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In 2012, the most complete wreck known to exist was found in the Mediterranean Sea – the rusting Gigant was downed by a British fighter in July 1943. 


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