6 Classic Planes You Could Actually Afford-Seriously, They’re Less Than A Car

6 Classic Planes You Could Actually Afford-Seriously, They’re Less Than A Car | World War Wings Videos

Julian Herzog

Git It Git It.

The reason that all of us are here is because we love aviation. Vintage warbirds to be precise. Although getting your hands on a P-51 Mustang or Spitfire is exclusively reserved for people with endless money (i.e.: actors, business moguls ect.), you can still get something slightly less iconic.

We’ve looked around the internet for plane auctions and sale sites, and found a bunch that were built in the 40s and 50s that are still airworthy. Not only that, they’re pretty reasonably priced.

Now keep in mind the obvious. This is just the price of the plane. You’d have to consider storage, fuel, licensing and upkeep but if you’re ready to pull the trigger, here are some you should look at.

6. Beechcraft Model 17


Price: $50,000
Produced: 1933-1944
Type: Executive Aircraft

5. Ryan Pt-22 Recruit

Julian Herzog

Price: $26,000-$40,000
Produced: 1942
Type: Trainer

4. Mile Gemini

Adrian Pingstone

Price: $39,000
Produced: 1945-1947
Type: Touring Aircraft

3. Cessna 172


Price: $35,000
Produced: 1956-now
Type: Utility Aircraft

2. Stearman Model 75

Adrian Pingstone

Price: $29,000
Produced: 1934
Type: Trainer

1. Aeronca 11 Chief

Adrian Pingstone

Price: $15,000-$20,000
Produced: 1946-1959
Type: Trainer

These are the lowest prices of these planes we could find. They vary in price tremendously depending on what shape they’re in of course, but these were the cheapest airworthy ones online.

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