A-10 Gun Run

A-10 Gun Run | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / npordan

Screw That Tree In Particular

Is there such a thing as a plane that provides close air support and emotional support at the same time? Because the A-10 might just be the clear winner for that criteria.

You know it’s an amazing aircraft if grown, combat-experienced men become giddy at the mere sight of the A-10. They couldn’t help but laugh when they heard the iconic “BRRRRRRRRRRT”.

The soldiers’ giddiness aside, the A-10 means business on the frontlines. That’s usually what happens when you build a plane around a gun – usually, it’s the other way around!

The “BRRRRT” sound you hear is coming from its magnificent GAU-8/A Avenger, a seven-barrel Gatling gun capable of using 30mm rounds at 3,900 rpm.

Don’t lie, you’d sound like this on your first time seeing the Warthog in action too.

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