Big RC Voyager Scale Model Would Be a Dream To Have

Big RC Voyager Scale Model Would Be a Dream To Have | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RC Media World

Top-Notch Design

Taken from the Ardennes Jet Show in Belgium this June, the huge-scale model of the sport jet was a showstopper. This Voyager’s excellent design compliments its fantastic maneuverability in the air. 

The plane features one of the best combinations of paint and decal you’ll ever see. Its entire length reaches almost 11ft while its wingspan is over 9ft long. 

With a takeoff weight of around 46lbs, the remote-controlled sport jet needs a turbine power of 39lbs to 48lbs which its Turbine Kingtech engine provides. They also included functional flaps and retractable landing gears for a smoother landing.

The model is a product made by Top RC Model USA and according to their website, this model costs $5,000. Do you think a beautiful plane like this is worth that price?

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