Battle Of Britain (Movie) – Stuka Vs Spitfire

Battle Of Britain (Movie) – Stuka Vs Spitfire | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / Military Channel J

Fantastic Aircraft Battle Scene

If you’re a WWII airplane buff, another movie that we recommend viewing is The Battle of Britain (1969.) It’s an awesome movie that features great action sequences. Since CGI doesn’t exist yet in those days, all of the flying sequences in the movie are mostly real. It definitely captured the events that we now know as the Battle of Britain.

YouTube / Military Channel J

In the clip, a Stuka going head-to-head with the Spitfire. As you can see, although the Stuka was a great dive bomber, these planes work well in areas where there’s no air defense. It was extremely vulnerable against fighters. Meanwhile, Spitfires has got to be one of the best fighters ever built in World War II.

YouTube / Military Channel J

Definitely a great scene from a great movie!

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