Stratolaunch Flies Right Over Cameraman, Lands In Mojave

Stratolaunch Flies Right Over Cameraman, Lands In Mojave | World War Wings Videos

Stratolaunch Spotted

The Stratolaunch is a massive aircraft designed to launch rockets and other space vehicles from high altitude. It was built by the American aerospace company Stratolaunch Systems Corporation and made its first test flight in April 2019. With a wingspan of 385 feet, the Stratolaunch is the largest aircraft ever built by wingspan and weighs approximately 500,000 pounds. The aircraft uses six Boeing 747 engines and is designed to carry payloads weighing up to 500,000 pounds to altitudes of up to 35,000 feet, providing a launch platform for rockets and other vehicles that can then reach orbit.

The Stratolaunch is intended to provide a more flexible and cost-effective method for launching payloads into space, as it allows for launches from a wider range of locations than traditional ground-based launch systems. The aircraft has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of space launches and make space more accessible for a wider range of customers.

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