BREAKING | N.Korea Declares War–U.S. Calls Bluff In Most Spectacular Way

BREAKING | N.Korea Declares War–U.S. Calls Bluff In Most Spectacular Way | World War Wings Videos

Now What?

There’s been tremendous tension between North Korea and the United States for quite some time now, but mostly we’ve been seeing a bunch of muscle flexing and empty threats from Kim Jong Un. The United States has been simply playing along and doing training exercises with South Korea as planned.

To fill you in if you’re not aware of what is going on in South Korea, they and the U.S. have been conducting massive military drills since March. This was largely due to the North Korea’s alleged nuclear missile tests which to this day have not been confirmed to have actually taken place. The military exercises were simply a knee jerk response and a way to let North Korea know that the United States is armed and ready to support South Korea and of course to defend itself.

B-1 Lancers are supersonic, nuclear capable heavy strategic bombers. Your move North Korea.

At the end of July however, Kim again started to flex as the U.S. built up more and more military presence in South Korea. Sending B-52 Stratofortresses with F-16 escorts to the border, Kim had enough. Literally saying, “the United States has crossed the red line,” he openly declared war on the United States as of last week.

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Here’s where things get interesting. This declaration to all out war amounted only to one thing. Upset with the aging B-52s flying around their borders, Kim will now be seeing a fresh new squadron of B-1 Lancers. Although the Air Force is not saying how many will be stationed there, it did release that about 300 additional airmen will join the bases in South Korea.

So with this new development, the only thing that changed is that Kim is facing nuclear bombers that can reach him twice as fast. Let’s sit back for a bit and see how that sits.

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