BREAKING | WWII Plane Crashes– 2 Dead

BREAKING | WWII Plane Crashes– 2 Dead | World War Wings Videos

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Our Hearts Go Out To The Families.

On Tuesday, May 17th, 2016, a plane crash was called in at about 6:30 Pm in Phoenix, Arizona. The incident took place a short distance away from the airport, with emergency crews showing up minutes later.

The aerial video shows a completely destroyed At-6 Texan, a World War II era trainer. It’s clear the aircraft caught fire after impact with the engine falling off the plane. Emergency crews covered the cockpit with a tarp, as both passengers were killed in the crash.

“These airplanes are maintained especially well and these accidents don’t happen often.”-Retired U.S. Air Force Pilot Dick Stich

Although their names were not immediately released, the passengers were later identified as Jessie R. Goodwin, 43, and Ataberk Besler, 18.

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Goodwin was a First Officer at American Airlines and was described by friends and the aviation community as “one hell of a pilot and even better person.”

Besler was an exchange student from Turkey who attended Washington High School in Glendale.

The FAA is still conducting an investigation and although there was a sand storm right before takeoff, they’re still unsure whether it was the cause of the accident.

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