This Could Be Your Only Chance To Fly In A B-29

This Could Be Your Only Chance To Fly In A B-29 | World War Wings Videos

Keep Calm And Fly On


The Boeing B-29 Superfortress is a bomber that has gone down as one of the most iconic planes in history. The B-29 was one of the biggest planes of WWII, the most expensive weapons project at the time and also dropped the atomic bomb that ended the war. The Superfortress gathered its fair share of accomplishments during WWII but few have survived the past 70 years and an even smaller number are able to fly. Fortunately, there is a way to fly in a B-29 thanks to the fine crew at the Commemorative Air Force.


“You can relive history and ride on one of the rarest World War II bombers in existence by taking a “Living History” BOMBER RIDE. This unique in-the-air experience allows you to sit in the seats our veteran’s sat in and see and feel what they encountered . . . minus the bullets and flak.”

– Commemorative Air Force

A 72-year-old B-29 named Fifi tours the country with the Commemorative Air Force showing the rich history that this plane brought. Fifi is one of two B-29s that can still achieve flight and the Commemorative Air Force celebrates that rarity by booking flights with her adoring public.

This is an opportunity that can’t be missed if you’re a fan of the B-29. Check out their tour dates and on the website below and check out this awesome clip of Fifi revving her engine for a flight.

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