Clear WWII GunCam Footage – Shooting Down German Fighters

Clear WWII GunCam Footage – Shooting Down German Fighters | World War Wings Videos

Liveleak user "MR_rusty"

You Can See The Bullets Slicing Through

It’s not often that we stumble across vintage WWII gun camera footage as clear as this. In this clip, there is a compilation of American fighters on the tail of German aircraft, taking them down. You can actually see the tracer rounds clearly passing though the wings, fuselage, and cockpit which is pretty surreal, knowing there is someone in there. At the end of the day, it was war.

After digging in a little further to find out more details on the actual video and who and where it was captured, it turns out this is footage from the 7th USAAF while over Nazi-occupied France.

It’s footage like this that puts things into perspective as to how brutal war really is and was especially back then. It’s not just entertainment. It’s history. 

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