Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair – Pure Sound!

Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair – Pure Sound! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / PaddyPatrone

Turn Up the Volume- What a Wonderful Sound

The Chance Vought Corsair F4U Corsair was an American fighter plane that fought during World War II and the Korean War.

The plane, known for its speed, firepower, and ruggedness, excelled as both an attack aircraft and a fighter supporting ground forces. The F4U-4, in particular, has a more powerful engine, and it was also the last variant to see service during WWII.

YouTube / PaddyPatrone

The video showcases an F4U-4 on a flying display at Airpower 2022. It’s powered by an 18-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R 2800 CB-3 at 2400hp, and the sound of those engines is absolutely incredible.

YouTube / PaddyPatrone

Undoubtedly, WWII fighter planes are the epitome of piston-driven engines. We love those P-38s as well! The pilots’ formation flying is pretty impressive as well.

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