Incredible B 29 US Giant RC Bomber

Incredible B 29 US Giant RC Bomber | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / ScaleJetFred

The Best Superfortress RC Model?

This gigantic remote-controlled B-29 has got to be one of the biggest RC aircraft we’ve seen in a long time. 

Dina Might, as she’s called, was made by a team from Holland and featured 4-cylinder, 2-stroke petrol engines from ZDZ. In addition, it also had a wingspan of about 30ft and weighed a whopping 463lbs!

Nevertheless, Dina Might can be seen flying smoothly as it shares the sky with a couple of comparably smaller aircraft. 

Unfortunately, we’ll never see her fly again since the model was donated to a museum in Holland. Though the reason was never disclosed, it might be because Dina Might was named and designed after a real B-29 that flew during WWII.

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