Douglas A-26B Invader FIRST FLIGHT Start Up

Douglas A-26B Invader FIRST FLIGHT Start Up | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Marc Ulm

Restoring An Invader

The team behind the restoration of this Douglas A-26B Invader did an outstanding job. The chrome on the outside glistens under the sun and gives it a unique look. 

It wasn’t just the outside that had a facelift though. The state of the cabin will leave you speechless. It’s almost indistinguishable from a new aircraft – it is that well-made. The classic sound of the engine is still crisp and signifies how ready it is to hit the runway for takeoff. 

You can tell how much they wanted to honor this warbird’s legacy with how perfect the result is. Overall, it’s a wonderful restoration job that every warbird enthusiast can get behind on. 

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