P-40 Cockpit Tour Is Incredible

P-40 Cockpit Tour Is Incredible | World War Wings Videos

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A Quick Look

Take a look inside this P-40’s amazing cockpit. It shows how complicated these warbirds are to operate and the number of fail-safes this plane has is notable as well.

Throughout the video, he points out the P-40’s different controls and their functions. If you’ve been looking to know what goes inside the cockpit of this historic warbird, then you’re in for a treat.

YouTube / Kermit Weeks Channel

You can get the feel of what the pilot was seeing and hearing during the demonstration. The best part was when the pilot started up the engine and it began to shake. 

The sound of the engine while you’re inside the cockpit is almost cathartic. This video is a must-watch for any warbird enthusiast out there.

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