F-35C high speed pass

F-35C high speed pass | World War Wings Videos

YouTube/ Bert Noland

Outstanding Performance

The F-35C is the first and only long-range stealth strike fighter in the world that’s specifically designed and built for Navy carrier operations. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing process contributes to the aircraft’s unique, and very low observable stealth performance. It’s also equipped with one of the most technologically advanced and comprehensive sensor suites in any fighter jet in history. 

This video shows how this magnificent fighter did a high-speed pass during the NAS Pensacola Blue Angels homecoming airshow. In fact, the plane went by so fast one could hardly see it clearly!

Truly, F-35Cs are extraordinary jets that are one of a kind. It does spectacular things, and delivers outstanding performance! We definitely think that the C model is a lot better than the A and B variants. What do you think of this awesome plane?

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