How Fast Can You Fly Around The World In Commercial Flights?

How Fast Can You Fly Around The World In Commercial Flights? | World War Wings Videos

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The first vessel to circumnavigate the globe was a vessel known as the Vittoria which was part of an expedition from the explorer Ferdinand Magellan which took nearly 3 years to complete. Around The World in 80 days used to be the standard record but things can move a little more quickly. So by going around the world in commercial flights what is the fastest time you could do it?

Using regularly scheduled commercial flights rather and not private jets you have to travel at least 22,750 miles, which is considered the standard going around the world. A man named David Springbett from the United Kingdom was able to take commercial flights around the world in just 44 hours and 6 minutes.

It might seem like a grueling experience to fly around that planet in such a short time. It doesn’t look like anyone is going to beat that record anytime soon because the guy who set the record back in 1980 had a little help. He flew on the Concorde using its supersonic speeds to shave off at least 5 hours time off of the lengthy trip.

Half as Interesting

The best route using modern commercial flights takes roughly 53 hours and 14 minutes assuming that you hit everything right and encounter no delays. Half as Interesting has prepared a look at circumnavigating the globe and they may have found an even faster way to be the today’s best record.

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