Fighter Jet Crashes at the “Thunder Over Michigan” Airshow

Fighter Jet Crashes at the “Thunder Over Michigan” Airshow | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / CBS Evening News

Another Airshow Crash

A MiG 23 crash caught on camera happened during the “Thunder Over Michigan” airshow today where a spectator captured the whole ordeal. More reports are coming in, but it seems that both pilots ejected if you closely at the video. No word on any fatalities just yet, as you can see the jet crash into the trees.

The MiG-23, a Soviet jet fighter designed in the 1960s, represented a versatile blend of speed and agility. Equipped with variable-sweep wings, it could operate at different speeds and altitudes. Its advanced avionics and radar made it a significant asset during the Cold War, serving both interceptor and ground-attack roles.


More news coverage has been pouring in as you can see the smoldering wreck there near the Willow Run Airport. It seems like there have been quite a few tragedies at airshows recently, including the B-17 tragedy in Texas late last year.

Another Angle Of The Crash:

Here is another angle of the crash, where you can see more clearly the pilots ejecting. Now it seems like there are reports saying that the pilots are safe and no one was injured. However, we have to see if there are any more updates.

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