Growler Ball 2023

Growler Ball 2023 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Outbound Course

Best Growler Video on YouTube?

This footage is the 2023 Growler Ball Video, a celebration of the Navy’s Airborne Electronic Attack platform, the EA-18G Growler. Derived from the F/A-18 Hornet, it’s one of the most advanced airborne electronic attack (AEA) aircraft. It can operate either from an aircraft carrier or from land bases. 

It’s also capable to disrupt, deceive or deny a wide range of military electronic systems, and that includes communications and radars, It can also support various defense attacks, decrease risk, and enhance situational awareness. 

Overall, the footage was absolutely well done- it has excellent footage and editing. It was also great in depicting the 2023 Growler Ball, the footage gave us goosebumps. The plane had so much concentrated power, and the 2:17 mark was definitely one of the most impressive shots we’ve seen. Plus, those landings and the music are absolutely epic. 

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