Footage Of What A Tank Flying Full Speed Does To A Dinky Car

Footage Of What A Tank Flying Full Speed Does To A Dinky Car | World War Wings Videos

DeBerigeKuuskes / YouTube

Tank You For The Physics Lesson.

Sure, this is a dinky car and the tank will do exactly what you think it’s going to do, but at the same time, the ease with which it does it is borderline incredible. Yeah, this is a couple of tons of speeding metal racing toward what looks like a death trap of a car to begin with, but that tank barely even hiccuped. It was like steamrolling hot tar. Granted, this Opel Vectra isn’t the exactly a big car, but damn, there was nothing left of it.

We found this footage on a German YouTube channel called DeBerigeKuuskes which doesn’t have much going on it, but this video is spectacular. According to the description, these guys rented the tank and went into the Fursten Forest in Germany. We’re not sure how they got the car, but it seems that nobody cared for it, hence turning into a flat piece of metal.

For those of you wondering, the tank used was a Leopard. There are many variants of these nowadays, but the original model was first built in 1979 and they’re still being produced today. It’s Germany’s primary battle tank with nearly 3,500 of them produced over the years.

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