Guy Almost Loses This Massive OV-10 Bronco On Takeoff

Guy Almost Loses This Massive OV-10 Bronco On Takeoff | World War Wings Videos


Don’t Fly What You Can’t Afford To Lose.

We’ve been getting into Rc flying for the past year and have picked up a thing here and there. One of the most used phrases we’ve heard is the one from above. Every one of these guys knows that if you build a model for let’s say 500 or 50,000 dollars (yeah, they get that expensive) you should expect to lose it at some point so don’t be surprised.

The guy in this video almost experienced that firsthand. According to the description, the pilot is Steve Holland and he’s flying an OV-10 Bronco. Quite a unique plane onto itself, this model is no different.

Fun Fact: The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco can loiter for three or more hours.

Here are some specs we got our hands on:

  • Scale: 38%
  • Wingspan: 14 feet
  • Weight: 110 pounds

This thing is quite a monster. It’s big, heavy and if you listen (and we’re not experts so this is just an opinion), it seems somewhat underpowered.

Although the whole display was pretty nice and the flying was good, the takeoff looked really off. For a second there it looked like the Bronco was going to stall and hovered in place, then somehow the pilot swung her around and picked up more speed for a successful flight.

Not sure how he did it, but the plane is in one piece so all is good.

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