Horten Ho-229 RC Jet Flyby

Horten Ho-229 RC Jet Flyby | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Rc Plane Display

Back From The Dead

The Horten Ho-229 was a thing of the past. Designed and developed during the late stages of WWII, the fighter/bomber was supposed to be Germany’s first flying wing powered by jet engines.

Today, warbird enthusiasts have decided to recreate the Luftwaffe’s flying wing design in the form of a giant-scale model display. The home-built and remote-controlled Ho-229 you see in the video features two real jet turbines.

By harnessing the jet turbines, this RC flying wing is able to showcase special flight characteristics while offering a unique look that easily drew crowds of people in 2022. The Ho-229 is rarely talked about these days – but with a rated top speed of 600 mph during WWII, one can see why it attracts this much attention.

Did the RC Ho-229 live up to its infamous real-life counterpart? Tell us in the comments below!

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