How A-10 Warthog Pilot Prepares For Flight Before Take Off

How A-10 Warthog Pilot Prepares For Flight Before Take Off | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / FORCES

Normal Routine

Before starting missions, pilots need to perform pre-flight checks before even thinking about taking off. 

Inspecting The A-10 For Leaks 

A standard pre-flight check means walking around the A-10, scanning for any visible issues. However, crew chiefs and maintainers would have already handled most problems before the pilot checked the aircraft.

Additional Checks

If the mission permits, A-10 pilots will also inspect their plane’s missiles and rockets. The last thing they need is a loose bomb!

Strapped In

When done, the pilots will climb up the ladder and strap into their seats. They turn on the auxiliary power unit and fire up the twin turbofan engines.

Last Few Inspections

They check everything while inside, from the brakes and rudders down to the digital systems of the plane. After they’re finished, they end communication with the crew chief and salute each other. They then taxi to the runway, line up, and wait for clearance to take off.

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