B-26 Marauders In Action- WWII Footage in Color

B-26 Marauders In Action- WWII Footage in Color | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / airailimages

323rd’s Marauders Over Germany

Thanks to these Kodachrome clips, we get a chance to see these B-26 Marauders fly over Europe in color.

These Marauders were part of the 323rd Bombardment Group assigned to the 8th and then to the 9th Air Force. The group’s first mission was on July 16, 1943, and was tasked to bomb the Abbeville Marshalling Yards in France. 

They flew their last mission on April 25, 1945, where they bombed the Erding Airdrome of Germany along with German Me 262 jet fighters. By the end of the war, they dropped 15,067 tons of bombs and flew 318 missions, totaling 11,424 individual sorties.

As a group, their nickname was “White Tails” which is a reference to the white strip painted on their tails. 

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