Huge Scale Flying Boat Dornier Do X Takes Flight

Huge Scale Flying Boat Dornier Do X Takes Flight | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Digital RC

The Mighty Lufthansa

Michael Bräuer owns the largest RC model of the largest flying boat in the world, the Dornier Do X. The plane is a 1:10 scale model built almost entirely of wood.


This gigantic RC plane has a 16ft wingspan, 13ft length, and a take-off weight of 132 lbs. To support its size, the Lufthansa is fitted with twelve 10cc OS Motors on the wings. 

While up in the air, the Lufthansa flies like any other RC model in the hobby. During low passes, you can hear the sound of its twelve engines doing their best to keep the plane afloat.


Bräuer did an impressive job making the Lufthansa from scratch – from the airframe, the retractable landing gear, and the amazing decals!

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