This Live Audio From An Air Raid On Berlin Is Absolutely Chilling

This Live Audio From An Air Raid On Berlin Is Absolutely Chilling | World War Wings Videos

Antonio Cortés / YouTube

Full On Panic Attack.

Nowadays we all talk about snowflakes and safe spaces, but jokes aside, can you imagine being an ordinary citizen (of Germany or any other country involved in the conflict) and living through what you’ll hear in this video? When an air raid was upon you there was no such thing as a safe space. You just ducked for cover hoping that you didn’t get hit by a bomb or flying debris.

When we heard this YouTube audio clip it really sent chills down our spines. We’re not trying to be romantics here, but the best way to listen to this is to close your eyes. Imagine you’re a civilian in 1945 Berlin when the Allies were closing in on you and you heard an air-raid siren go off. Then, a series of massive explosions coming closer and closer to you. It’s a gut-wrenching feeling.

We’re actually wondering if any of you warbird fanatics can pick out any bombers that you hear in this video. Sure, the audio is old and probably degraded in quality but you can definitely pick out when the bombers were flying overhead. Let us know in the Facebook comments section of Facebook if you’re sure about one of the clips.

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