Lockheed-Martin’s Newest Jet Completes First Flight

Lockheed-Martin’s Newest Jet Completes First Flight | World War Wings Videos



Lockheed-Martin has announced that their latest trainer jet the T-50A has completed a successful test flight. As fighter jets continue to evolve so should the methods of learning to fly them. The Lockheed-Martin T-50A was designed for the purpose of training pilots to prepare them for fifth-generation fighter jets.

Upstate Business Journal

The T-50A emphasizes Advanced Pilot Training (APT) for modern aerial combat for fighters such as the F-22 and F-35. The advanced version of the T-50A has completed its first test flight and will move forward towards being the trainer of tomorrow’s pilots.

“Lockheed Martin’s accompanying T-50A Ground-Based Training System features innovative technologies that deliver an immersive, synchronized ground-based training platform. The T-50A team also brings extensive experience in world-class, worldwide logistics support.”

The testing facility in Greenville, South Carolina has flown a pair of these new jets together with stellar results. Pilots are pleased with the ease of use, low-cost and low-risk flight after the inaugural tests. Footage in this clip demonstrates the capabilities from this new advanced trainer as it enters the realm of pilot training.

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