Take A Look Around Yeager’s Bell X-1 Cockpit In This Stunning 360 Photo

Take A Look Around Yeager’s Bell X-1 Cockpit In This Stunning 360 Photo | World War Wings Videos


That’s A Lot To Dial In.

We’ve come a long way in a technological sense since World War II. From airplanes to phones, the things we as humans are capable of doing nowadays wouldn’t even be a dream back in the day.

Here, you’ll see a great combination of current technology showcasing what use to be groundbreaking technology back in 1946.

The Bell X-1 was sometimes referred to as “a bullet with wings.”

Taking a 360 photo coupled with this new software we found online, you can now view any picture shot in this special way and look all around you. Here, we found a picture of the Bell X-1. Although we’re pretty sure most if not all of you know what aircraft this is and why it’s so significant, we’ll do a short rundown for those of you who don’t. If you’re one of the people we first mentioned, just scroll down to the pic at the bottom.

The X-1 was a rocket-engine aircraft designed to test how an aircraft behaves at extremely high speeds (compared to propeller driven aircraft which dominated the skies just a few short years earlier.) Now, there were many flights done to test this, but it was Chuck Yeager who cracked the speed barrier flying at over 700 miles per hour, or Mach 1.06. He later destroyed all other records by going 1,620 mph in 1953.

Here’s what he was looking at while doing so.

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