A-1H Skyraider “Lieutenant America” start up

A-1H Skyraider “Lieutenant America” start up | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Gormania

Lieutenant America

This rugged-looking warbird is a Vietnam War veteran. It is an airworthy Douglas A-1H Skyraider named “Lieutenant America”. 

YouTube / Gormania

In 2015, this plane had to go through a lot of repairs and maintenance. That work was done at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation where it currently sits right now. 

Its max speed of 322 mph at 18,000 ft can be achieved thanks to its radial piston engine. The Wright R-3350 18-cylinder air-cooled engine could put out 2,700 horsepower. Its engine isn’t that shy to show off too. You can hear the loud grumble of the engine when it starts up.

YouTube / Gormania

With four 20mm guns and 15 external hardpoints that you can see in the video, it’s an honor to see this Skyraider in action today.

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