Merlin Engine Demonstration Run

Merlin Engine Demonstration Run | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Liam Gellett - Travel

Still Significant Today

What an amazing sight this would have been to witness! Just take a look at how massive this Merlin engine is compared to those two men.

Even though the planes these engines powered are long gone, the Merlin is still quite popular. Judging by the number of people present during that demonstration run, the same sentiment can still be said today.

YouTube / Liam Gellett

It may seem like a “toy” these days but Merlins were one of the most important innovations during the war. The Merlin’s war-winning design paved the way for the P-51s and Spitfires to find their footing.

Nowadays, these 12-cylinder supercharged piston engines are used for displays, demonstrations, and sometimes even used for restored vintage planes.

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