The Most Damaged Flying B-17 Ever

The Most Damaged Flying B-17 Ever | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / FlakAlley

A Plane With 9 Lives

What a dreadful experience that must have been for the crew members. Knowing the crash was inevitable, the crew did their best with what the circumstances were.

With multiple engine failures, leaking fuel tanks, and full of flak shrapnel, this B-17 still somehow managed to fly for a bit. Unfortunately, “Queenie” as the crew called it, could not sustain the damages for too long. The crew ended up crashing just outside of Berlin and became prisoners of war.

YouTube / FlakAlley

The amount of beating this B-17 took to take down is really impressive. This heavy bomber made it a mission to protect the crew and ensure that they had ample time to prepare for what was to come. Watch the tattered B-17 fly in the video below.

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