Smallest Plane Takes Off From Other Plane Mid-Flight

Smallest Plane Takes Off From Other Plane Mid-Flight | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Alice is flying

Un Petit Avion

What you see right above the MH.1521 Broussard is the smallest twin-engine manned aircraft ever assembled. This marvelous aircraft was designed by French engineer Michel Colomban in the 70s. It is called the Colomban Cri-cri, named after one of Colomban’s daughters.

The two engines make it easier for pilots to feel at ease thanks to their design. When one engine fails, the only thing it would do is turn to the side before the pilot can correct it again. Aside from that, its petite frame enables it to be stored in a standard garage – even making it possible to be assembled and disassembled in 5 minutes!

It is interesting how technology can cater to specific restrictions and requirements. This aircraft is a great example of that.

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