Not 1 But 3 Planes Scoop Water In A Row In Effort To Stop Raging Fire

Not 1 But 3 Planes Scoop Water In A Row In Effort To Stop Raging Fire | World War Wings Videos

Amine ABID‏ / Twitter

Don’t See That Every Day.

From Monday, July 24th, 2017, southern France has been battling monstrous fires which are still burning now. Well over 2000 acres of land were scorched so far and many residents of nearby towns were evacuated in case the fire can’t be contained.

About 150 people helped to put out the fires alongside 600 firefighters which were spread out far and wide to save as many homes as possible.

Local firefighting authorities attributed the fires to a very dry season and Mistral winds. These cold winds which blow from the Gulf of Lion dry out the vegetation even further and help spread fires that might start. These were the exact ingredients that caused these fires to spread so far and so fast.

In order to assist the reconnaissance and firefighting efforts, three planes from surrounding areas were summoned. The Canadair CL-415 firefighting aircraft were first introduced in 1994 and are able to drop 1,620 gallons of water or fire retardant liquid. They can pick up the water from a nearby water source as well, which is why they’re nicknamed “SuperScooper.”

The video below was recorded by a beachgoer who saw three of them filling up at the same time.

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