P-38 “Skidoo” Starting Up

P-38 “Skidoo” Starting Up | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Josh Smedley

A Couple Bands

It’s no secret that the P-38 is a strong candidate for the most favorite warbird by some people. If you’re one of those who absolutely adore the P-38, then you must know which P-38 this is.

This is a restoration of the original P-38 “Skidoo”. The yellow bands give homage to the original “Skidoo” flown by 1st Lt. Perry Dahl in a subtle way. Based at the Planes of Fame Air Museum, this warbird was manufactured back in 1943. Hearing the Allison V-1710 still kicking after all these years is just nuts. It’s one of the few airworthy P-38s remaining in the world.

Try to catch this P-38 located in Chino, California at the Planes of Fame Air Museum. This dying breed just warrants your full attention.

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